Service Worldwide

Clinics, Surgery Centers, Hospitals and Ambulatory Medical specialists all over the world benefit from our experience and ability to source the highest quality and cost effective instruments and disposable surgical supplies. Based in Phoenixville Pennsylvania, MSI Precision Instruments operates around the globe through its strategic partnerships, making sure that qualified sales personnel are always available to our clients.


With the complexity and range in pricing of today's surgical instruments, only MSI Precision Instruments co-operation provides optimum benefits for our users, and we help you make most of it. Our support system is tailored to create the most beneficial partnership between doctors, purchasing agents and administrators. We provide on-the-spot cost analysis making sure that our sales can be efficiently provide you the right product and pricing from the very start. You can always rely on our assistance and support in the development of new instruments and service of existing equipment. After all, it is our know-how and experience that has paved the way for development of a leading technology in this industry.

100% Product Quality Guarantee!