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Since 1989 over 700,000 surgical instruments manufactured or repaired. Technology breakthrough can save you hundreds in repairs and rehoning.

We specialize in the repair of precision surgical instruments such as; diamond knives, forceps, scissors, needle holders and more. All brands and styles. Now with new expertise and equipment, we are able to save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Send in your damaged instrument for a free evaluation. Our turnaround time is 2-3 days for stocked instruments. Unlike most of our competitors, our in-house instrument rehoning and machining our own instruments enables you to save hundreds of dollars on each and every repair.

MSI has the most experienced technicians in the world. We offer the best value with the highest quality! Each instrument is put through a detailed inspection process. Including a 28-step inspection process for all Diamond knives. We replace all worn parts, clean calibrate and return in a few days. If your instrument needs work, you can request an estimate before we repair it. We have our own complete manufacturing and repair facility. We manufacture and repair our precision surgical instruments for other famous name companies.

At MSI Precision, our repair professionals give you expert, cost effective repair alternatives for your delicate surgical instruments.

  • Receive a Free Evaluation
  • Most Instruments repaired and shipped back in two business days.
  • We have the ability to repair instruments from any manufacturer.
  • Our Technicians are specialists in micro-eye and ENT instruments.
  • All Instruments are examined by technicians with over 25 to 35 years experience.
  • Receive an Estimate prior to doing work.
  • All parts cleaned and lubricated
  • Quality control evaluation.
  • Our Knowledgeable repair staff has an average of 30 years of experience in serving operating room professionals.

Dear valued customer,

For the safety and well-being of our staff including instrument repair technicians, please include a copy of the OSHA Certificate of sterilization when sending any instruments in for repair at our Massachusetts facility, along with our repair form. Any instruments that are not received according to these guidelines will be returned, non-repaired at the cost of the customer.

Keeping our facility and staff safe is our number one goal in providing the high-quality instrument repair you have come to trust us with.

Please see attached form (OSHA 015-106 Certificate of Sterilization for Returned Products V1R1). If you have uestions, please contact us.

Thank you for your continued support and business!

- From the Staff at MSI Precision

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