About Us

Established in 1989, MSI Precision is an innovative force in the development and delivery of precision surgical instruments for all disciplines of surgery. Stringent quality standards are the most important aspect in the development of MSI Precision Specialty Instruments. MSI continues to provide cost effective and quality surgical solutions that give our clients access to precision surgical instruments made to the "Exact" standards of name brands without the high price.

We intend to earn the trust and loyalty of our clients while offering only products of the highest quality at prices that will remain fair, uninflated, and will be in the forefront of firms whose goal is to reverse the rising cost of health care.

It is Our Decision To Stay Small - And Control Costs

To this end, we resist all commercialization. We want a different, less expensive way of doing business... which results in our decision to remain a lean, small organization, selective in our professional personnel makeup. These professionals respect our customers own needs for cost containment. Our competitors, by contrast, continue to expand and diversify.

Our Mission

Originally focused on providing surgical instruments for certain disciplines of surgery, and depending largely on "Brand Name" manufacturers to control the pricing in the instrument distribution market. MSI Precision has evolved into a reputable manufacturer providing an expanding series of surgical instrument resources to various health care professionals representing segments of the entire health care industry, from Supplier to Provider. Our continuing goal will be to provide health care professionals with a wide range of tools making it easier to provide surgical services to the patients we care for. As this resource is utilized, we will continue to add new and even more interactive tools to help facilitate purchasing and maintaining our equipment.

MSI Precision Specialty Instruments is owned and managed by Pennsylvania-based MedSaver Inc., a surgical instrument manufacturer and services solutions provider. The MSI team is composed of a diverse group of experienced professionals from the Instrument, industrial supply and eBusiness sectors.

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Our Commitment To You

In other words, we responded to price limits before political and economical pressure forced other firms to reprice their products. The industries above-average level of profitability has become a liability! But never to us! We promised quality and performance, combined with true value. We continue to honor that promise.

100% Product Quality Guarantee!