MSI Precision Surgical Instrument Catalogs

We have assembled extensive product catalogs and conveniently laid them out in Adobe Acrobat format for easy viewing.

Each of our catalogs is designed to display high resolution images of the instruments with descriptions and part numbers for most disciplines of surgery. If you are unsure of what catalog to request for a particular product, call our customer care team at 800-322-4674 or 800-633-7283 and they will assist you in searching for the best match.

MSI Precision makes it easy to find the right instrument:

Viewing Online Catalogs

In order to view the MSI digital catalogs, you must have a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you don't not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here and download for free from Adobe Inc.

Using Adobe Acrobat Reader will give you the ability to print product pages, search each of our product catalogs for part numbers and instrument descriptions and view our order forms and RGA return request forms.

For Clients without Highspeed internet connections:

If you have difficulty viewing our catalogs or the download times are causing major delays, we invite you to complete our convenient online request form and our customer care managers will ship you the requested information today.

100% Product Quality Guarantee!